Storm Damage Restoration in New York

Storm damage and flood damage can be devastating, and you need the company with storm damage restoration experience.

In an instant, Mother Nature can unleash powerful weather patterns, leaving behind a devastating figure. Wind, water, hailstones and downed trees are just some of the things that can expose your property and contents, whatever their size, to the bits. It is at this strenuous time that AEG restoration is key to your property’s safety and recovery.

Major structural damage to your property from straight line winds, tornadoes, hail, heavy rains or horrendous lightning strikes come with trace warning. AEG restoration is here to provide peace of mind amidst the disruption.

Severe thunder storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and hail storms can all wreak havoc on a home. Storm damage includes roof damage, blown off roofs,all your roofing problems can be fix by one of the many roofing companies in cincinnati oh, if you have water damaged floors and walls, blown out windows, immensely flooded basements, broken windows, and a lot of damage to your valued property inside your home, you can get this done with Ameri-Dry Home Services – Roofing, Sunroom, Windows and more. All of these can be very alarming and dreadful and can happen to anyone unforeseen and all in sudden, leaving you vulnerable and with a sorry looking home that is barely livable.

Finding your home in a huge wreckage and disrepair due to a catastrophic storm or any weather disturbance can be traumatic and rather upsetting. With such a mixture of emotions, you will usually find yourself hard-pressed to start repairs and putting back your house in order. We fully understand what you are going through and, as such, we have the solution to such a dilemma. We are here to stand beside you in such a hard time and wipe off your blues instantly.

AEG Restoration provides storm damage restoration in New York repair services that help you when you require it most. Our experienced technicians will work with you to develop an action plan designed to eliminate down time and complete your storm damage restoration project effectively and efficiently help you get your house back in order and your life back on track after Mother Nature’s worst effects.

AEG Restoration interior reconstruction service repairs the inside of your property back to its original look or even better than that. Trying to get your house or your offices back in order after a storm takes more than just cleaning up and patching things up, it takes a whole lot more work, especially if water damage or fire damage is involved in the scenario. Obviously you want to finish the job as quickly as possible. But you also want it done right by a firm that stands behind its work you can trust us from the beginning to end.

You will find that with us, going back your home or your office to how it was before disaster struck can be done in a small amount of time and you will find it in superlative form. Safety won’t be an issue, and neither will musty smells and structural problems we never compromise. We make sure that all possible circumstances that may arise with such disasters occurring is taken into our consideration, and taken care of to verify that you, your family and everyone else is safe when they get back inside.

AEG Restoration is a call away to getting your property repaired and restored quickly after a storm.

  • Our services in this regard include
  • Debris Removal and Glass Extraction
  • Exterior Reconstruction Repair and fixtures
  • Interior Reconstruction Repair repairs and fixtures

We also work on storm damage restoration on New York City, Queens, NY, Bronx, NY, Nassau, NY, Suffolk, NY Brooklyn, NY, Westchester.

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AEG is a full-service general contractor that specializes in construction restoration services, licensed to do work in New York City, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester County.


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We are committed to servicing jobs of all size and will handle all phases of the project from temporary services to the finished product

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Our team has over 30 years experience in the insurance and construction industries. We are well-positioned to provide services from when the project begins to completion.


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