Sewer Backup

How the sewer system works:

Most homeowners and building owners probably don’t realize the pipeline that runs between their house and the municipality’s sewer main, are usually located underneath the street. The main sewer line is owned and maintained by the property owner, including any part of the line that extends into the street or public right of way.

Over time, these main sewer lines can easily deteriorate, crack, collapse or become obstructed. You may not have a clue that this kind of damage is occurring. But one severe rainstorm may be all it takes to bring the problem to a head.

One of the most common causes of sewer line back-ups, cracked lines and drainage problems is root infiltration. Roots from trees and larger shrubs enter the sewer line from a joint; they grow and expand to fill up the pipe with a hair-like root mass. The masses quickly become clogged with toilet paper, debris and grease coming from the home to the main sewer line.

The next thing you know you are need in to hire the drain cleaning grants pass or team, due to the fact that you have raw sewage backing up into your home’s drains, overflowing toilets and tubs or flooding your basement. A backed up sewer can do a real number on your home, causing thousands of dollars in damage to floors, walls, furniture carpeting and electrical systems, as well as pose a major health hazard.


Sewer Repairs and Backup in New York:

At AEG Restorations, our highly qualified, trained and well experienced team of professional sewer experts and technicians are well-equipped with suitable and specialized skills and modern, state of the art technical equipment that is essential to ensure that your sewers and drainage lines are open and flowing without any disturbance. We provide specialized and highly advanced high-pressure jetting and rodding equipment that is designed to effectively clear all sorts of:

  • Stopped-up toilets in New York
  • Slow draining shower drains  in New York
  • Slow-draining tubs  in New York
  • Slow-draining lavatories  in New York
  • Blocked sewers  in New York
  • Backed-up kitchen sink  in New York

In addition to sewer repairs and opening all sorts of drainage blockages, our professional experts and technicians have at their disposal a wide array of highly effective and reliable, chemical-free drain-treatment products that are eco-friendly and ensure the effective cleaning and normal flowing of your sewer and drainage system.

Preventive care and precautionary measures:
Furthermore, we take a series of comprehensive and effective preventive and precautionary measures that ensure that you do not face similar discomfort caused by sewer malfunctioning in the future.

Our sole aim and goal is to ensure that your sewer system does not create a messy and destructive mess in your building, and hence, our professional experts make thorough and detailed inspections of your sewer with our highly advanced and modern sewer camera systems that allows us to thoroughly and effectively clean every inch and corner of your sewer, by identifying and rooting out all potential problems and that can cause major disruptions and damages if left unattended.

Once our experts clean your sewer, we can inspect the entire line with our sewer-camera system to identify potential problems before they become emergencies.

We also work on Sewer Repairs and Backup in New York City, Queens, NY, Bronx, NY, Nassau, NY, Suffolk, NY Brooklyn, NY, Westchester.

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